A dissertation papers/essays may appear to be frightening to the most of the learners, but I need to assure you that, you need not fear anything, this is one of the simplest topic to handle in the learning institutions. This is only a kind of a research papers just like the others done by the learners. The main feature that differentiate it from the other is its length, more substantial and written from the scratch. The main concepts of dissertation lies on two important point’s i.e. analysis and concepts. The main steps to be followed in composing this paper include:

  • Deciding on the concern to address, in order to make this more relevant one has to research from several sources so as to have a relevant original problem. This will help in repeating to some papers that has already being researched and done.
  • The topic should be formulated into a problem or a title in a manner that it tries to give out insights of what the paper is all about.
  • The introduction/Chapter 1, this should include the rationale of the problem with a well-established thesis statement. The main question to be exploited should be well analyzed in the introduction part.
  • Chapter 2-supporting the problem with a relevant literature review and studies. This should considers all the gaps the papers wishes to address to.
  • Chapter 3-Should analyze the methodologies used in carrying the data collection that will be used in analyzing the problem.
  • Chapter 4-Thisis the part that has the result or showing all the measurements used in providing evidence as per as the thesis is concerned. It shows the viability of the method used in the study.
  • Chapter 5-This chapter describe the extensions, variations and any other related applications towards the main idea/topic.
  • Chapter 6-This is the conclusion of the paper. It should give out the summary of all the learning and application of the thesis. It has to include the recommendations and possibility of future research.

N/B The format of this paper may differ depending on the universities requirements. Therefore in all this, the paper should be written from scratch so as to avoid plagiarism.

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